Welcome summer students!

The Burrows lab welcomes 7 summer students for 2016, 3 veterans and 4 new recruits. Mike Ranieri will start his MSc in September, working on detecting sub-inhibitory drugs using biofilms. Madeleine Rudolph (who received an NSERC USRA) and Sawyer Karabelas-Pittman will investigate the mechanisms underlying biofilm stimulation by aminoglycosides and beta lactams, respectively. Neha Sharma, who recently completed her 4th year thesis on biofilm stimulation by thiostrepton, will help train the new biofilmers. David Moskal, who received a BHSc Summer Researcher award, is working with Sara Kilmury on the PilR regulon. Liban Mohamed, who received an IIDR Summer Studentship, and Richard Nguyen, who received a Cystic Fibrosis Canada Summer Studentship, are both working with Ryan Lamers on deciphering the connections between antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity of Pseudomonas. Hope you all have a great summer doing science!

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