Ylan Nguyen wins 2015 Impact Award

Former Burrows lab PhD candidate (now Postdoctoral Fellow) Ylan Nguyen won an Impact Award for her 2015 paper, Structural and Functional Studies of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Minor Pilin, PilE. The awards recognize the most impactful publications accepted/published during the previous calendar year. This final paper from Ylan’s PhD work, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry in Oct 2015, revealed that PilE was structurally similar to two minor pilins from Neisseria, which were proposed to control the number of pili and thus the types of functions they mediate in that pathogen. Her work suggested instead that the loss of one or the other paralogue simply reduced the number of pili produced, and explained why loss of both was needed to prevent pilus production, similar to loss of PilE in Pseudomonas. She provided additional evidence that minor pilins, which prime pilus assembly, become part of the extruded filament. Congratulations Ylan!

Read the paper here.

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